About Us


Traditional Tool Repair, Inc. is a family owned and operated company that was founded on the principals of a lifelong packaging service professional. He wanted to offer quality service that people could rely on and trust. Today, those same principals drive our team to be the very best in the packaging and strapping service industry.

You will find quality, savings, and outstanding service with us. We are here to serve you and surpass all your expectations! Shop with us for discounted prices on your poly or steel banding and strapping tool and accessory needs.

As you have found out there are many different types and manufacturers of banders and this can be very confusing. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the proper tools that you may need for your application and/or banding you currently use. The only "silly" question is the unasked one. There are far too many products available to list here, so we have listed the most common. Please let us know if you are looking for something that is not in our store, chances are we have it in stock. You can call our toll free number (877) 862-6699 or our local number (317) 784-4795 or your can email us at

We are proud to state that we offer “Quality Repairs, at a price that is fair.” As a service first company, we offer warranties on all repairs, use only the highest quality repair parts, and will make personal recommendations to change the way you use your tools and equipment, if necessary. Any tool serviced by Traditional Tool Repair; Inc. will be put on file so that we also have a continuous record of what has been wrong with your equipment in the past.

We like to use a saying here, “If you call your mechanic and say, “My motor is making a rattling sound, what is it and how much?”, he won’t be able to give a good diagnosis and will likely laugh at the question. Like a car, each banding tool is different and behaves differently depending on how you handle them.” Therefore, we offer a completely free repair estimate!

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