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Welcome You To

Founded by a lifelong packaging service professional, Traditional Tool Repair, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. As a quality service provider, he wanted to offer a level of trust and reliability that people could count on. Today, these same principles drive our packaging and strapping service team to be the very best.

The mission of our company is to offer "Quality Repairs At A Price That’s Fair!" As a service-oriented company, we offer warranties on all repairs, use only high-quality replacement parts, and offer advice on how to use the strapping tools properly. We keep a record of every tool serviced by our team so we know what has gone wrong in the past.

We like to say, If you call your mechanic and say, “My motor is making a rattling sound, what is it and how much?”, he won’t be able to give a good diagnosis and probably laugh at the question. Like a car, each and every banding tool is different and behaves differently depending on how you handle them.”

This is why we offer a completely free repair estimate!