How to use the MIP-1800 steel strapping pusher bar tensioner

How to use the MIP-1800 steel strapping pusher bar tensioner

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the MIP-1800 steel strapping tensioner.

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Looking for steel strapping?

Be sure to only use the proper seal with your MIP1800 tensioner. A closed or pusher seal is needed. Thread your steel strapping through your closed seal, wrapping your strap around your product. Feed the strap through the back of the seal on the bottom and feed enough through to fold it over the seal so that you form a closed loop. using the top strap, pull your excess strap hand tight to make it easier to put your tensioner on. Feed the top strap through the nose and under the gripping dog. Ensure that the nose of the tensioning rack is against your seal. Pull your trigger until your strapping has reached its desired tension.

If you reach the end of the tensioning rack, you might need to re-rack your tensioner. This is why ensuring you pull as much slack as possible is essential. Once desired tension is achieved, grab your sealer and use it to seal your strapping and clip together. Be sure you are using a Single Notch sealer.

Mar 10th 2023 Web Team

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