FAQ's on Banding Tool Repair

Repair Request Form

I have a broken bander and need repair service. How do i get it fixed?
Fill out the Bander Repair Form and enclose it when you ship the bander in. The address is located on the bottom of this form. Once the bander is received you will be contacted with a no charge evaluation and estimate to repair your bander. At this time we will advise you to all of our findings.

What is the charge for repairing my bander?
This is a question that can not be answered without evaluating your strapping tool. You can't call your auto mechanic up and tell them "my car didn't start this morning, how much to fix it?". This is the reason that we offer a free estimate and recommendation on all of our service repairs. We will provide you with a firm quote to repair your bander and give you the option to accept or decline the repair. There are never any "surprise" or "hidden" charges.

How long does it take for repairs to be made?
Once your bander is received, it will be logged on a first come first served basis. Our average turn around for repairs is 48 hours from the receipt of your bander. Once we evaluate your bander and contact you with the repair estimate, you will be advised if all parts are in stock to complete the repairs or if by chance something would need to be ordered in.With our extensive stock of replacement parts, chances are we have everything on the floor to complete most repairs. Repairs will then be completed upon your approval and shipped immediately back to you. In the event parts would need to be ordered in, this generally takes only a couple of days.

How long will it take to complete the service?
Once your bander is evaluated, the hard part is over. The repairs will be initiated immediately upon your approval.

Will you provide me with an estimate?
YES! We will contact you with a free estimate that will include ALL charges for the repairs. You will never see any additional or hidden charges from us. The price quoted, simply is the price charged!

What is the warranty on tools that have been serviced?
30 days on Labor & Parts installed

What is the warranty for used and reconditioned banders?
60 days

What parts will be replaced if I send my bander in for service?
Parts replaced vary from one tool to another. Some repair centers replace all of the common wear parts every time the bander is serviced whether it needs it or not. This is a simple way to cover warranty repairs and generate revenues but at your expense. We replace broken, worn out, and any parts that would compromise the safety of the operator using the bander. If there are parts that are worn but still have some life in them you will be advised of this and you can make the call as to "pay me now, or pay me later". You will never be given this option if the part is related to someone's safety. It will be replaced or we would decline the repair.

Do you sell new tools?
Yes-we sell a complete line of banding tools and will recommend the one that best fits your application.

Do all banders break?
Yes-rest assured that your bander WILL break at some point. If someone told you otherwise, they lied. It's a matter of when and how much it will cost to repair. We sell banders that offer the best life and are affordable to repair when they do break. If we sell it, we believe in it and will support it!

Can I trade my bander in for another bander?
Sure-we would need to take a look at your tool in order to let you know what your options are. Send it in and we will let you know.

I have several broken banders, can you use parts from one to repair others?
Yes-this is something that we specialize in. Sometimes it's not cost effective to repair banders, but there is still value to these. We will gladly use parts for other banders to make repairs to another one, thus keeping your repair cost down also.

I tried to repair our bander and it's in many pieces, can you help?
Yes-we actually see alot of this so don't be embarrassed. We ask that you put all of the pieces in poly bags so they don't fall through the box during shipping. Be sure to protect any delicate parts such as PC Board and motors to prevent damage to them.

Will you install the parts that I have already purchased?
Yes-we will install "your" parts as long as they are the proper parts. By proper parts, we mean the correct size and OEM parts. We do not want the liability if you have purchased aftemarket parts.

Can you repair a bander that I purchased from someone else?
Yes-however we are not able to take care of someone else's warranty work.

Where can I purchase replacement parts for my bander?
Here-we stock and sell replacement parts for most manufacturers banders. Contact us with your request and we will assist you in obtaining the parts you need. We will also offer technical support for installing these parts if needed.

Why are replacement parts for our banding tools so expensive?
We ask the manufacturer this all the time. These high and sometimes ridiculous costs come from the manufacturers, not us. For this reason we strive to sell many manufacturers banders and to offer banders that have long life and are still affordable to repair and maintain.

What is your bin program?
This is a program that we developed several years ago for customers that have several of the same banders. Sometimes they are not cost effective to repair but have many usable parts for repairs to their other banders. We assign bins to store you usable parts for repairs to the banders that you send in. Any parts that are usable will be installed whenever you send a bander in for repair. There is no charge to you for the parts that come out of your bin. Only labor charges would apply for installing these parts. You will be advised of these parts used at the time of repair. There is no charge for this program or storage of parts and they are always your property and can be returned at your request. You will be advised at the point that your bin is no longer effective to store and asked to remove this from the system to allow others to take advantage of this program. This is when there are no longer any usable parts. This has been a very popular program in helping reduce the repair and maintenance cost for alot of our customers.

What brands do you service,repair, & support?
All current and some discontinued banders. If we can't fix it, it most likely can't be fixed

Can I repair my bander myself?
Sometimes-We offer technical support and encourage some repairs be done yourself. There are some things that you may not be able to do but alot that can be done by someone with a little bit of mechanical ability and common sense. Some things can get a little complex and everyone's ability is different. We will tell you what kind of a job it is and let you make the decision based upon our recommendation.

Does the quality of banding that I use affect my bander?
Yes-there are many different types and manufactures of banding. As with many things in life, there are several choices that range dramatical in price and quality. This is found in both steel banding as well as poly banding. Quality in some of the banding tools is irrelevant, but in others it can pre-maturely wear out parts or possible destroy the bander.

I have banders for steel banding, can I use plastic banding in them?
NO-banding tools are made for either steel or plastic. Some banders can accommodate various sizes of banding while others are size specific. Consult your owners manual or contact us if you are unsure if your banding tools will use a different banding.

Are your repair technicians qualified?
You bet! Years of training and experience will reflect this in all of our repairs. We are a repair center that is looking to earn your trust and build a long term relationship that we can both grow upon, not just earn a quick dollar. Your trust and respect will be earned with the opportunity to serve you, guaranteed!

What do all of the fancy words mean? You can see a definition of terms used in banding tools & strapping.

Repair Request Form